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Matt Ianni

As the Executive Director of Beacon Recovery Center, he is no stranger to the challenges patients face when deciding to seek help. With a background as a 5-star chef, Matt shifted his focus to creating a meaningful impact in the lives of those struggling with addiction.  He believes that true transformation comes when individuals recognize …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Kristin Rodriguez, LMHC

Kristin Rodriguez, LMHC

As the Clinical Director at Beacon Recovery Center, her calling lies in making a difference in our patients’ lives by creating an environment of acceptance and joy. She has two radiant girls who are her entire world and is happily married to the best person imaginable. In her spare time, she crafts dentures by hand. …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Romone Jordan, RN

Romone Beckford-Dinham, RN

As the Director of Nursing at Beacon Recovery Center, she is committed to helping others on their journey of healing and recovery. Beyond her professional life, Romone has many personal passions-most notably her family and her own growth. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, with her favorite being “No Greater Love” by Danielle …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Olivia Sierra

Olivia Sierra

As a Primary Therapist at Beacon Recovery Center with knowledge of MCBT and NLP, Olivia helps patients reclaim their physical, mental and energetic wellbeing. She sees the power of the mind as an exciting, fascinating thing and loves watching people refocus their lives to unlock their highest potential. As a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Olivia …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Justin Gelband

Justin Gelband

Bringing much enthusiasm and dedication to his work as Facility Manager at Beacon Recovery Center, Justin believes he was born for this role. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, he feels spirited about making a positive impact on the lives of individuals struggling with substance use disorder. His favorite book is The Big Book …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Christina Bell

Christina Bell

Christina Bell is an engaged, passionate Case Manager at Beacon Recovery Center who enjoys helping people in any way she can. She holds a BS in Healthcare Administration and an AS in Legal Assisting/Paralegal, and also proudly holds a CBHCM certification. Christina strives to always be an improving version of herself, setting goals for personal …

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Abigael Valcena

As a Case Manager at Beacon Recovery Center, Abigael brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. Abigael’s journey in the field began with a commitment to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and she has since demonstrated her unwavering dedication to this mission. She cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Robin Jeffrey

Robin Jeffrey

With over 20 years of experience, Robin brings decades of knowledge to her role as Recovery Coach at Beacon Recovery Center. She sees firsthand the power of recovery and enjoys witnessing the transformation that takes place in each individual. She says the most rewarding part of her job is seeing the spark in a newcomer’s …

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Megan Erck

Megan Erck

Megan Erck is an inspiring Patient Care Specialist at Beacon Recovery Center. Her enthusiasm for providing hope to people in their recovery journey is contagious. With her motto of “good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment,” ringing true in her heart, she brings an optimistic attitude to her work every day. If …

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