Beacon Recovery Center

Maryann Ricci

As Founder & Chief Financial Officer of Flyland Recovery Network, Maryann Ricci possesses broad business acumen and supernatural creativity. Maryann founded Flyland Recovery Network to provide a safe and serene refuge for families to trust that their loved ones will get the care they need. Maryann and her family identify and relate wholeheartedly to what […]

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Ahmad Bryant

As the dedicated Chief Executive Officer of Flyland Recovery Network, Ahmad has committed himself to helping incoming patients discover their resilience and guiding them toward a path of recovery. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and as a Certified addiction professional, Ahmad is a first-generation college graduate and has even studied Addiction in Hong Kong.

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Sehar Ryan

An inspiring and motivational leader who brings a unique background in Criminal Justice and Sociology to her current role as Chief Operating Officer of Flyland Recovery Network. As a first-generation American, she speaks both Urdu and English. Her professional efforts toward supporting legal reform have positively impacted many, from providing education on proper placement for

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Samantha Felice

As the Director of HR at Flyland Recovery Network, Samantha is driven by her desire to help others in the same way she was helped during her recovery. Sam leads the Human Resources team with focus and energy, always aiming for the highest quality care possible and encouraging others to keep striving for their goals.

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Matt Ianni

As the Executive Director of Beacon Recovery Center, he is no stranger to the challenges patients face when deciding to seek help. With a background as a 5-star chef, Matt shifted his focus to creating a meaningful impact in the lives of those struggling with addiction.  He believes that true transformation comes when individuals recognize

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Rochelly Giraud, LMHC

As the Clinical Director at Beacon Recovery Center, Rochelly is responsible for overseeing and supervising the clinical staff while providing excellent patient care. Her mission is driven by her Spanish-speaking roots, and she draws strength and inspiration from Marcus Aurelius’s ‘Meditations.’ She firmly believes that with strength and persistence, everyone has the ability to overcome

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Beacon-Recovery-Center-Olivia Sierra

Olivia Sierra

As a Primary Therapist at Beacon Recovery Center with knowledge of MCBT and NLP, Olivia helps patients reclaim their physical, mental and energetic wellbeing. She sees the power of the mind as an exciting, fascinating thing and loves watching people refocus their lives to unlock their highest potential. As a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Olivia

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Chris Brown Primary Therapist at Beacon Recovery Center

Christopher J. Brown

Christopher J. Brown, MSW, LCSW, and EMDR provider, is a primary therapist who utilizes a trauma-informed approach to assess, provide individual therapy, and conduct psycho-educational groups. With his extensive experience, education, and training, Christopher is passionate about giving individuals a sense of emotional safety to start addressing the root cause of their addiction and mental

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Matt Tratner

Matt Tratner is an enthusiastic and passionate primary therapist with two Masters in Education and Clinical Social Work specializing in trauma, substance use, and LGBTQ+ mental health. His career path was chosen out of a deep desire to bring understanding, compassion, and education to mental health. Matt loves seeing light come back into people’s eyes

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